Wednesday, December 19, 2007

drill at the geezer pool

I actually felt like doing some drill in the pool this morning. Gasp, astonishment.

250 m warmup 4:30 or so.
10 x 50m on 1:15 start. fastest was 41 or 42 seconds, slowest was 50, most were 45 to 50 seconds.
500 m in 10 min exactly, well, 1 second under if you want to be picky. Some slow, some fast, some working on stroke elements, some working on kick.
15 min pool pilates, for 45 min or so total.

I could still feel it from the spin session last night. Even now, in the evening, I'm looking forward to bed as soon as some house chores are done. The person that invents a washing machine that collects the clothes, sorts them, washes, drys, and folds/hangs/ puts away in your closet again is going to make a fortune.

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