Monday, December 31, 2007

A quiet day at the pool

What with the time of year and all, I had no idea of what to expect at the pool this morning. I ended up sharing a lane with two other people. Both swam a little slower than me, but were really good about waiting at the ends for me to go by. I have to say that this is the politest pool I've been to recently for that.

However, I do have to say that swimming in circles brings out the competitor in me. I hate being passed. So that lead to a fairly brisk swim this morning. Yes, it was nice to pull ahead of the other two guys in the lane. But there was a girl in the next lane going much faster than her shitty stroke indicated. She gradually pulled away from me, sloppy arms and messy kick and all. I felt better when she stopped, got a drink, and did other strokes. I kept going, swoosh, swoosh, picturing myself wearing a swim cap with a shark fin on the top of it.

44 min, 38 seconds for what I think was 2250 m. I admit the possibility of 2300 m, but I'm not going to claim it, since I couldn't see the pace clock. The first part of the swim felt fast, but unless I can talk myself into believing an 18:02 K, it was 19 min exactly. Which seems to be my usual brisk pace these days. Then I settled down into my usual pace as my arms got tired.


  1. LOL. I HATE it when people with crap technique pass me by constantly. Alas, that is my lot in life for now....but just wait....


  2. i love the swim cap shark image - you are FIERCE!!! Happy New Year!!!


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