Friday, December 7, 2007

So THATS a fast swimmer

Yesterday's run was a new route, parking at the Renfrew Aquatic centre, then running through the neighbourhood to the Nose Creek path. From there I went down the hill, up to the big golf dome, and back, in 45 minutes. For all that you're close to Deerfoot there's very little traffic noise. Was cool and calm and it felt good.
5 min warmup
5 x 5r 3 w. Note that the first and last were very gentle runs.
5 min cooldown.

My swim this am was great after a rocky start.
500 m warm up
30 x 50 m in 45 to 50 seconds on 1:15 start.
15 minutes pool pilates.
2000 m total.

Most of the intervals were around 47 seconds. Slowest was 49, and fastest was 43. Got into the groove and rocked.

Toward the end of my intervals a slender guy jumped in to share the lane. Fine. He starts off a few seconds before me. Then I push off and figure I'll catch him part way. Hubris thy name is Keith. We pushed off together once, and I swam my lungs out trying to keep up. I did the 50 m in about 43 seconds which is the best I've ever done, and he was already turned around and headed back. A few laps later we're both stopped at the same time again, and he doesn't even have the decency to be breathing hard. Later I was watching his stroke trying to learn something. I was chatting with some of the other swimmers after, and we timed him. He was swimming sub-40 second 50 m pace and keeping it up, just cruising along, not even working hard. In my dreams, baby, in my dreams. And yes, he has a fast tumble turn.


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