Monday, January 27, 2020

A photo scavenger hunt

Here's the main photo activity from the last little while. In various ways, almost all of these are failures, and wouldn't normally be blogged, but failure is part of learning new things. As I was once told early in my life, if you never fail you haven't been trying hard enough.

Day 1, lens ball or other distorted view of the world. This is part of an ongoing experiment on my part.

Day 2, macro. This was part of my recent Macro Monday series. If you missed it, this is the lock screen of my iPhone at 5x mag, featuring a photo of Curtis.

Day 3, light. I was wondering about colour as the sun was coming up, but nothing special was happening. Then again, I'm a bit of a sunrise and sunset snob. Then the sun started peaking through, and I knew the effect I could get.

Day 4, a clock. What I had envisioned was a clock with the bright red second hand showing up 60 times, with the minute hand moving slightly. Not. I think I've got the shadow of the second hand here, and it took a lot of playing with light, camera settings, and ND filters to even get this.

Day 5, letters. I was looking for a particular scroll that are letters patent, and couldn't find it. This is a substitute.

Day 6, 13 things. I was struggling to find a theme, or even something interesting. Then I started peeling labels off empty wine bottles, and remembered the photoshoot I did with some jars of honey.

Day 7, old architecture. Given some of the buildings we've seen in Europe, nothing in Calgary is old.

Day 8, photographer's choice. How can it not be the cats?

This was lots of fun, with quite a bit of head scratching on most of them, especially the clock. Thank you Kelly for organizing it!

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  1. Interesting exercise. The most successful of the set to my eye is the wine bottle. I really enjoy the bands above and below the labels. The labels appear to distract rather than compliments to the other components of light, form, and texture. Cheers, Sean PS - Regarding clocks, I agree - it makes much more sense that 1 (being 1st) should be at the top of the clock. I'm afraid though that is not a cross worth dying on.


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