Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Resolutionista city and last call for AMA

The pool has been full of them this week. I admire them for getting off the couch, and getting to the pool takes a bit more gumption than many other fitness plans, but it does make things a bit more difficult for the regulars.

After all, we have it down to a fine art. We know the lockers we want. We have our swim bag packed and ready to go. We know where the good showers are. We know which pool, and even which lanes we want, though we don't always get what we want. We nod, smile, or chat to the lifeguards we see almost every visit, and to the regulars we often see. We know how fast we swim, and can usually recognize those that swim faster, slower, or about the same speed. There are times we conspire to swim with those that swim a similar speed. Much of the time we want to get in, get it done, and get on with whatever is next.

The resolutionistas get in the way of all this. It's why they don't want the tourists using the London tube during rush hour. The regulars know exactly, and I do mean exactly, where they are going, and want to do so with the minimum number of steps. They stand on a place on the platform because they know the door will open right there. Calgary transit can only dream of such precision. Your life is over if you mess with their transit plan.

It isn't that serious at the pool. Mostly. I just ask that if you don't know the swim etiquette then ask someone. No, this isn't leading up to an adventure story. My swims have actually been really good so far this year. Swimming works ever so much better when your left arm joins the party.

Not that I do resolutions, but capturing snowflakes is one of the things I want to work on. I was out yesterday, and some of my neighbours gave me a funny look as I was holding a mitten to the sky to catch snowflakes. They will show up on a Macro Monday next week.

I've done some experiments with another photo project, but mainly it's been thinking about what I want it to look like, rather than just shuffling stuff around to see what I capture. There are some other photo projects coming to fruition, and let me tell you I'm pretty excited about them!

This is your last chance to get in on the AMA action of your own free will. I might attribute some questions to you, if I don't think that post is long enough.

Christmas is over for another year. Our tree was packed away and the living room is back to normal. No ornaments that we know of were molested by the cats.

In the serendipity department, the same file number was used back in 2017 during my Yukon trip.

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