Wednesday, January 1, 2020

December Image of the Month

And so a new year begins. It's a dull grey day out there, so that means it can only get better, right?

All together now, gonna be the best year yet! Now go for it.

I had started looking at images for the year end back on Solstice, but I was keeping December in mind as well. It was a big month for image count, but most of them are not eligible for Image of the Month. I don't generally use community association photos, or any private client photos. Once I thought about it the right way, the choices were easy.

2nd runner up
A project in progress. My first snowflake. I'll be trying again.

1st runner up
A E Cross Conservation area. Taken on a whim, wondering of the brilliant sun on the snow, and the dark shadows, to say nothing of the cows, would work.

The light, the three important mammals of the house together in a photogenic way, the relationship between the book and the activity, how can this not be photo of the month?


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