Monday, January 13, 2020

Macro Monday 35, more icy experiments

There are days I'm sure my neighbours think I'm a lunatic. The other day it started snowing. I've been wanting to try to get nice macro shots of fresh snow flakes. I set up my camera in the garage, ready to go. Then I was outside, waving a mitten to the sky to capture snowflakes. Several people driving by gave me the eye.

Part of this is luck, getting a flake trapped on the mitten by itself, oriented nicely for the camera, which has difficulties I've gone into before. Do enough, my reasoning is, and eventually I'll get a superb one.

This is the best of the bunch. In some there is a surprising amount of detail to be seen within the flake itself as the layers of ice grew.

This one is unusual in that it's a panorama built from two shots. When the camera is mounted on macro rails, it's easy to move it sideways just a tiny bit. The difficult part is getting a snowflake oriented properly so it's all in focus.

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