Monday, April 8, 2019

Linda at an art gallery

This is what you see outside the best art gallery in all of New Zealand. Well, of the parts we visited anyways. Not to taunt you but this is the only photo of our morning at Atmosphere, just outside Waipawa. They had a sign up asking to respect the artists so no photos please, and much as my hands and eyes itched to use the camera, I didn't.

We thought we'd drop in for a quick visit along the way to a bunch of places on a countryside tour, and spent most of the morning browsing. There was a bit of everything, and lots we wanted to buy, some of which was totally impractical. The shipping costs would make buying it look cheap. The B&W photos were printed huge and I drooled. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned Helmut Hirler before.

Meanwhile, isn't that great photo of Linda?

Driftwood of the Day
Looks posed, but I assure you this is as found.

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