Saturday, April 20, 2019

Internet free weekend

Not by choice. One of the links in the chain between a thought in my brain, and you reading the words representing those thoughts, is a thing called a ADSL modem. There are many other links, of course, but we aren't discussing them. They aren't the problem, or don't appear to be.

Our modem has been dying for a while, it seems. Restarting it gave us the internet again. Now it doesn't. Which we discovered on the stat holiday. I called them this morning. They ran some tests. It appears to either have lost it's mind and doesn't know what to do, or it's physically incapable of doing it anymore. I have to drop by Monday and they will run more detailed diagnostics. I'll either get a new one or they'll fix this one. I'm hoping for new.

The internet comes through the phone line, rather than the TV cable. I'm musing about switching, but there's some hardware that needs to be installed. The cable comes into our house, and dead ends. There are several other cables that start near there and go to various places in the house. I suspect some electronic box needs to be installed, and some outlets around the house. Do any of you have experience with such a change? Any advice?

In the meantime I've been reading American Gods and Mike Drew's photo book. I've thoroughly enjoyed both, and I'm actually at the library just now, looking for more reading material. Pity I can't read while waiting in traffic.

In fact, the traffic hasn't been as bad as feared. I was coming home Thursday at rush hour and made it down Crowchild, across Glenmore, and down 14th through the construction at 90th, all in record time. Then I turned left off 90th ave onto 24, and found myself in a parking lot. It took about 15 minutes to get from 90th Ave to the Co-op at Southland, where I had a physio appointment. Traffic was still blocked after that.

Linda was out Friday and said traffic wasn't bad. This morning I was up to Repsol for a swim and traffic wasn't bad. Then again, we suspect that lots of people in our part of SW have decided to hunker down for the weekend and avoid driving anywhere. Once home, I'll probably do the same.

One of the surprises is that my version of Lightroom doesn't work without the internet at startup. After that is fine. So my plan of spending lots of time on photos isn't going to work unless I figure out how to hook my phone to the computer just long enough to get that authorization to work.

The other surprise is how often I want to use the internet to look something up, or watch a movie snippet. Or something.

Just another pretty flower for you.

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