Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Ok Susi, warn the people around you

So my dear friend Susi has recently had a thing about bee bums. Sure, they're kind of cute, but I find their little faces so much more photogenic, and a much more difficult target.

There were a few of them posted for Susi here, if you missed them.

Here's another couple more of them. Now, Susi, before you scroll down to the second one, warn your neighbours to don the appropriate hearing protection. You might want to tape up your windows to prevent them from shattering.

I'm not kidding Susi, prepare yourself. Prepare those around you.

Spacer. Not sure if she reads on a laptop or what.

More spacer. Maybe I should put something else in.

Maybe I will.

Here's a lovely peony for you. Just to build the suspense.

And ta-da!

Now I need to worry about the bee pervert police showing up for taking naughty photos.

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