Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Musing about social media

You probably knew I'd given up on Twitter, and don't miss it. Or maybe you didn't because you never got Twitter to give up on it. Right now the only social media I have going is Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn such as it is.

Plus the blog of course. I know that for many of you it's your favourite blog. For some of those people it's your only blog, and maybe that's more of a compliment. I don't know. I do know that I appreciate my readers, the small but mostly semi-loyal band that you are when you aren't too busy out doing other things.

Blogging has changed so much since I started. Way fewer people are doing it, and even more fewer are commenting. I think it's because people are looking at things on their mobile device now, and those are notoriously unfriendly to blog comments. They might mean to comment later, but later there's a zillion other distractions.

Even in the last decade I've seen a change in the span of attention that most people can devote to anything. It's much shorter. I watched one person scroll through their Instagram feed so fast they can't have actually seen, let alone appreciated the photos. Each got a like. I'm not sure how they hit that tiny little heart as it scrolled.

One of my buddies recently gave up on Facebook and doesn't miss it. I was texting with them and that reminded them they hadn't read my blog in a while. I get lots of readers from facebook, and a few from other blogs. At least that's what the stats tab tells me and I'm not sure I believe it. I get lots of readers from Shut Up and Run (hello guys, don't be afraid to comment!)

So indulge me please. How do you get here? Facebook? Are you a regular, checking to see if I've blogged the same time you check email and the morning news, and whatever else you read in a browser? You can respond in the comments, by email, or text, or visit me on Facebook. I'm not that hard to find. Please and thank you. Pretty please.

This discussion of web traffic inevitably leads to road traffic. As in the lack of movement of it because of construction. This is beyond construction season, it's construction climate. Ongoing and never ending. I've seen a few people just losing their shit, but fortunately no collisions. There's probably been some vehicles lost in the steep shoulders, which is a quaint way of saying the pavement has been cut and dug away to several feet of depth. On 14th at Anderson, if you swing wide sweet chariot by an inch to much you are gone. Over the edge and your car is probably a write off.

Here's some of the storm water drains going in. Those pipes are 10 feet in diameter, so there's some serious flood mitigation planned.


  1. Morning, Keith - interesting post. I've become a lurker, rarely comment on any one's blog any more (and perhaps that's one of the reasons I gave up blogging - I liked the interaction of comments, but hardly anyone left a comment - ha, now look at me ;) But I do still read blogs. From my Blog Reader List, no less! Mornings, while going through e-mail, answering e-mail, setting up my work day.
    Maybe I'll take more time to comment on those blogs :)

  2. I’m still reading too, Keith - usually on my phone, which is why I comment less often than I used to. Will try to do better. ;-) As for blogging, still hoping to get back to it when I have more time. Having a puppy has vastly decreased the time available for reflection and writing, but retirement should help with that.


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