Monday, May 28, 2018


Most people think the blossom is the pretty part of the flower, and some people trying to take photos only want to take photos of a perfect blossom. Not even just perfect, but PERFECT!!!, and with water drops too.

But thing is, they're beautiful even when they aren't perfect, or are past the full blossom stage most people like. If I can get the light right, sometimes the wrinkled old blossom is just as interesting as the fresh new blossom.

I know you're naturally thinking I'm going to segue into comparing people, and you're right! Though I don't like to be predictable. As you know, I'm not much for photographing people, but when I do, I prefer people with some character in their face. A bit of grey hair doesn't hurt either. There is something about the look in an older person's eyes that just isn't there in a youth, and if I ever get into photographing people in a bigger way, that's what I'd be looking at capturing.

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