Thursday, May 10, 2018

Dry and wet garden

Here's a couple daffodils for you. The first is from a few days ago when it was just about the only flower going. Now there's a ton of stuff on the go. The second one is from last night. It wasn't raining very hard, and raindrops on flowers are always nice.

My neighbours are growing accustomed to seeing me sprawled out on the lawn, aiming the camera at something small and close to the ground. Not this time, the grass is soaked, a nice gentle rain the ground can absorb. The garden is loving it!

So much going on in the garden!
All the roses are putting out leaves.
The two grizzled old clematis in the side bed are well leafed out now, and that's happened quickly. These are the ones transplanted from the back fence, and after a bit of a quiet start seem happy.
The clematis I accidentally chopped down last year seems to be coming back.
I'd already mentioned the established peonies are doing well, but the two newer tree peonies seem to be taking their time.
Lots of other plants are sending up leaves and even a few blossoms as well. Just like last year, I don't know what very many of them are called. Linda tells me, then I forget.

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  1. Interesting timing on the first photo. It could be at the beginning or the end of its life. Nicely done - my daffodil photos were only good as lessons for me. Cheers, Sean.


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