Monday, October 24, 2011

25! or, a very full yoga class

My plan for tonight was to do a good core workout, and maybe a little bit of easy spin before or after. But then Linda (TOIC) reminded me I had missed one yoga class next week, and I'm going to miss another in November. Dinner that night will be so yummy it will be worth missing a yoga class. Helen, the yoga studio owner, is very good about allowing people to make up missed classes by attending other nights.

So Linda urged me to attend a beginner yoga class tonight. I've taken several classes from Helen, and she nearly killed me each time. The poses are held for the better part of eternity, or so it seemed back the. Linda very earnestly pointed out I was doing much better at yoga, and that this was a beginner class.

I decided that might be for the best. At least I should try, right? Things were going good, as people filed in. And in, and in some more. There are about 27 or 28 mats laid out around the room, and there were 25 students, plus the instructor. It was kind of full.

And then the words side plank came up. SIDE PLANK!!! In a beginner yoga class?? I was beginning to get heart palpitations. Katie had us doing side plank at KBRCC and that was a failure for me. Then I realized the pose was starting with front plank, and my dread was complete.

Then it got better. Helen was telling people this was an intro pose, and they were to do it from their knees. Ok. Then I thought about how I had been going to do core tonight. So, while doing front plank I did a really slow pushup. One. Then side plank, on my elbow. I even raised my foot. Then front plank again, then the other side with the foot going up a couple of times. These felt like long side planks, but were probably only 30 seconds. There I saw one girl doing side plank on her hand, body straight as a, well, plank, other arm up, one leg slowly going up and down. Wow.

Now I need to go pack for my swim tomorrow morning.


  1. Hey yoga boy!! Nice work getting out there. Side plank is a bitch. I always struggle with that one.

  2. I haven't been able to do the side plank, never mind holding it. That is so awesome!


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