Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The build begins

Last night IG encouraged me to run today, if I felt up to it. I wasn't so sure about it, and almost hoped there'd be major snow this morning, so I'd have an excuse not to run. No snow. So I ran.

Parked at FOMC and ran through the neighbourhood, down the hill, north along the path just past the golf dome, and back again. I was a bit tired at first, but settled into a nice easy pace. Kept the heart rate upper zone 2 throughout, and it peaked at only 134 chugging up the hill.

A very nice morning for a run, though just coming back to the pool was a bit cold with the wind. Tried to think about the running tips IG passed along, but didn't want to get too carried away. There's a time trial at the spin session tonight.

50 min 9/1 plus about 10 minutes stretching in the gym after. Looking it up later I figure it was about 6K. Nowhere near my fastest run, but that wasn't the point today.

And now, the spin session. K and I were the first ones on our bikes. I was almost too warmed up, if that's a concept. I was ready to go on the main set long before we got there. We did some one leg drill, though it was short enough I could keep up and finish the sets. Then into time trial. 20 minutes. I had trouble dialing into 90 rpm. I sort of varied between 88 or 93. With about 6 minutes left to go I changed into one harder gear and drove my heart rate into the mid 120's, and had to push my legs to finish.

A short session overall, 1.5 hrs this evening. I'll read some other blogs, slowly settle down and with any luck I'll get a good nights sleep.


  1. ok...great job!! Your fitnes is really coming together - you must feel so GREAT!!! And no wishing for SNOW - think tulips!!!

  2. if you wish for snow i will show you five foot two of fury!!! NO MORE SNOW!!! :P

    it's awesome seeing your fitness come along - i just wish i could be at the chinook half to cheer you on!

  3. I'd be scared! Susi seems like a pretty frightening ball of fury!

    I've decided to do Chinook so we'll be in it together, I'm just hoping for no rain!


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