Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Not hurt'n (much) anymore

Ran on the treadmill at the geezer pool this morning. What a place. Yesterday, there I was sitting in the hot tub, when in wanders this woman and sits down. Hair done, and it's hard to tell when I'm not wearing my glasses, but I have the honest belief she was wearing makeup. This morning, in the weight and cardio room, this late middle aged women gets on the eliptical machine next to the treadmill I'm on. She is dressed in slacks, a blouse, sweater, and practical shoes. You'd not have looked at her twice in a mall or on the street. I'm surprised she didn't have a purse in hand. She gets the machine going, then starts primping her hair. Sheesh.

Warmed up on a stair climber for 10 min, then 3 sets of 4 run 2 walk on the treadmill. Not really happy with about it, since it's clear to me that I do not run at a consistent pace. I like to be able to speed up or slow down depending on how I'm feeling and my stride is working.

I did the tele-spin thing tonight. I was looking forward to getting onto the bike, and it went really well.
10 min warm up 85 rpm
10 min further warm up 95 rpm
set of harder gear 1 minute 85, then 1 min at 100 then twice more each in a harder gear then rest a few minutes at 85 in easy gear.
Same set again only over 4 gears, rest at 85 in easy gear till 40 min.
5 x 1 min 100 rpm, 1 min 85, 1 min 110, 1 min 85
set of progressive harder gears at 85 then 100 again for 3 gears, then back down again.
Easy spin at 85 to cool down.
Total 1.25 hours, pedaling all but a few seconds, plus another 10 minutes of stretching afterward. I'm sure I'll get over the novelty of being able to touch my toes again with straight knees. Any month now, I'm sure.

I have to say I'm really pleased with the spin. I was in control and going round and round lots of the time. I could see my cadence pick up when I got it right, or if I kept the cadence the same it seemed like I was putting less effort into the pedals. It would be really interesting to see what my watt output is, and how much it varies during my pedal stroke. I'm feeling really steady at 100 rpm, and the bounce starts about 110 unless I really concentrate on spin and engaging the core muscles.

After an hour on the bike I was beginning to shift around a bit, but neither hands or butt hurt as much as they have in the past. Tonight I could have kept on going, but I'd had a really good session and wanted to finish it feeling good. The muscle soreness is almost all gone now, but we'll see how I feel in the morning.

Fridays, for 9 weeks starting mid Jan, Linda and I are taking Argentine Tango lessons. We've done a bit of this before and it's a lot of fun. Yes, when you really get into it, ballroom dance is a workout. Give me the right song and I'll have you sweating during Cha-cha-cha. And glassblowing!!!! I signed up for a weekend session Jan 12 and 13. Of course I'll post more photos when I'm done. You guessed it, that's a workout too.

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  1. That's great!! Keep up the good work and it will continue to feel easier and easier... but of course I will continue to make it harder and harder too!! :)


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