Thursday, December 13, 2007

84 feet

That's what Google Earth tells me the elevation is from the top of the path down to the bottom. Or vise versa which is much harder.

6 min warmup
Some number of sets with some number of run minutes with some number of walk minutes.
5 min cool down

The plan called for 45 min 5r 2w. And I've totally spaced on what I actually did. I'm not even convinced I did the same set 4 times. I do know total time was 46:19, and I got all the way to the golf dome. It's not that I stopped running because I couldn't go on. I'm pacing myself so I'm in control of my breathing. I think I just messed up reading my watch, or lost track of when I started or stopped a segment. The run was good though. For a while it sounded like the pavement was hollow under my feet, which was sort of odd. I remember pushing hard on one of the middle sets. Must be time for bed. This rest thing is becoming really important to me.

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