Friday, June 9, 2023

The state of peony

The light was nice in the garden this morning, and since I wanted anyways to see how the peonies were doing, it was natural to take the camera along.

1. One of the new peonies in the front patio bed.

2. The famous white peony featured in so many of my photos.

3. The almost as famous red peony that I struggle to capture the colour correctly.

4. One of the new peonies in the side bed.

5. Same one. This is leading the race to be the first bloom. Almost there.

6. The pink one in the side bed determined to put on another good show this year.

7. The back patio bed, but there's no blooms on it yet.

Of the Day
Driftwood (NZ)

Driftwood (BC)
More pareidolia.


Yukon (Miles Canyon)

Film (new)
A long exposure from just upstream of Elbow Falls.

Film (old)
Linda and her mom and me playing Empire Builder. It's a moderately complicated board game that's lots of fun to play. Normally it's pretty even; when someone wins, another person would have won on their next turn, and someone else would win when they delivered a cargo in a couple of turns. Linda is a ferociously good player at it, winning most of the games she plays. (We live in fear of the triumphant doot-de-doo!) I'm pretty good at it and often win when Linda is having bad cards. Linda's mom whipped our butts, and she had never played before. I mean, totally whipped us, we were barely started. "How much money do I have to have?" she asked innocently, as she shuffled and counted out this huge wad.

For those that have only seen our house without the kitchen wall, this is what it looks like with that wall.


  1. New beginnings are always laden with hope. 12 - I like this but to my eye the focus would work better on the foreground (nearest rock) rather than the background. Cheers, Sean

  2. You and Linda have the most beautiful peonies. My one patch of peonies isn't doing too well this year. I think perhaps it's planted too deep. Fortunately, I have to dig it up in order to do some work around the foundation later this summer so we may be we can fix the problem then.


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