Sunday, June 4, 2023

A couple of film walks

About a month ago I went on a walk with some buddies in The Hood. You can read about it here, and you need to understand that part of today's story starts there. 

I ended up putting part of the roll of black and white film through the camera on that walk, and there it sat for a while, then a walk in Fish Creek, then into Chinatown with the same buddies to finish off that roll. Then I dropped in the Elektra again, but I haven't exposed anything yet.  I also took the big camera to finish off a roll of Lomo. 

It was a fun walk. I haven't been into Chinatown since I worked at the Amoco/BP Amoco/BP job, and the restaurant I really liked (Saigon Y2K) isn't there any more. Silver Dragon is still there, but the place on the second floor that Sophia took me to for the best hot and sour soup isn't there anymore. Things change.

The whole place looks more run down and faded. We got there a bit before lunch, which was good for empty street scenes, but lent sort of a deserted air to the experience. We went into Eau Claire market for a coffee and snack afterward, and it was dead empty. About lunchtime, and empty. No wonder they want to tear it down. The vendors must be bored out of their minds, or frantic about paying rent. I think a Green Line LRT station is supposed to go where the mall is.

This is really the only black and white photo I liked out of the Chinatown trip, with the second showing some of the detail on the back of the lion.

I suppose I should show you the Great Black Beaver of the Hood, and my buddy trying to capture it.

The one colour photo I liked is from the inside of the Chinese Cultural Centre. 

Next photo ramble? Not sure. Now that the road is open, at least that I think it's open, I'd like to get out to Sheep River Falls.

Of the Day
Driftwood (NZ)

Driftwood (BC)


Yukon (Miles Canyon)

Film (new)
A winter reflection scene.

Film (old)
I think this is somewhere along the Going to the Sun road, given later photos in the sequence.

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  1. Looks like a fun walk-about. I like the spots of bright white in the NZ driftwood of the day, as it gives the image som pop. The flower in 8 has good presence. Cheers, Sean


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