Monday, June 19, 2023

9th to 19th

I think that's the longest I've gone without a fresh blog since I started blogging. I've been busy enough, and my brain is full enough that it hasn't been writing blogs while doing other things. Sometimes swimming is good for that, but lately I seem to be having to concentrate on my stroke and avoiding the floaties that don't know lane etiquette, and that doesn't leave room for blogging thoughts.

It seems like the busy is a bit of this, and a bit of that, with some space in between so I'm not feeling particularly overwhelmed. I just don't seem to have anything pressing to say on the blog, and I don't seem to have the time to settle in and focus on it, to see what comes out.

So no words for a while, but don't think there aren't photos. There are 6 rolls of film in the lab for development and while I know there's going to be a couple that are evidence of rookie mistakes, I have high hopes for some of them. Plus just over 1500 digital photos, of which about 160 have been edited, and there's still a bunch of aurora photos that I should look at again and maybe try to assemble into a little movie. Don't forget the 70 or so photos edited for a private client. Plus at least part of a roll of 35 mm film.

Yes, the peonies are doing really well. Celina is fine. We're fine, both of us busy.

One of the bits of busy was a day/evening trip out to Takakkaw falls, Moraine Lake, and some lovely aurora on the way home. This is from the parking lot, and I gradually worked closer.

Moraine lake. Can you believe I've lived in Calgary for 43 years in a couple months, and I've never, ever been to Moraine Lake? This is a long exposure hoping to bring up the reflections in the water, during a smokey sunset. I'm told that it's kind of eerie seeing a completely empty parking lot, ever since they enacted the no private vehicles rule. If you want to get there you need to take a shuttle, and leave no later than the last shuttle. Or go with an accredited tour operator. Guess which I did.

The aurora was essentially invisible to the naked eye. All we saw was some greyish streaks across the stars. If I'd been driving along I probably never would have noticed, let alone stopped and set up my camera. I'm glad we did. I've never seen so much purple. It was quite the show. Not up to Eagle Plains, but still...

Of the Day
Driftwood (NZ)

Driftwood (BC)

Linda and driftwood



A forest serendipity scene from 2017.

Yukon (Miles Canyon)

Film (new)
Just upstream of Elbow Falls, a long exposure.

And a pano serendipity from 2017, just upstream of Fish Creek bridge 1.

Film (old)
Dealing with winter at the plant where I used to work.

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  1. I'm glad you're still blogging, albeit less frequently. I'm going to try to write one today for the first time in a long while. I think it gets harder when you write less often. How do you pick just a topic or two when you've had so many floating around in your head over weeks or months? Lots of great photos here. I especially like the aurora, the second driftwood, and the long exposure. Your technical skills have really improved overtime. It's hard to imagine you were ever satisfied with just using a cell phone camera. Are you still using an iPhone?


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