Thursday, June 1, 2023

May Image of the Month

Two thirds of the photos this month were for the community association, and thus not eligible for image of the month. Most the the rest were garden overview photos, and thus mostly here I am and this is what I saw, which are typically not of any great artistic merit. 

The medium format film photos were mostly experimental. One set being long exposures that didn't work as I had hoped, and the other were to see how that particular film emulsion reacted to bright saturated colours, as well as more subdued natural colours. Which I'm really pleased with and I'd buy more of it.

I ended up considering several photos, one of which is a spring/summer repeat of one taken in autumn that I quite like. Which is becoming a bit of a problem for me. I find it hard to capture images that I've done before, unless there's something sufficiently different about it to capture my interest. It's also hard to take repeats of well known photos, which is one of the reasons I don't go to Banff much. The world has enough photos of the Banff Springs hotel, it doesn't need any more from me.

First runner up
That purple texture!

Image of the Month
The white peony, isn't quite blooming yet, but it's working on it. While checking it's progress I found this composition. It made me think of a funky alien spaceship with a sensory organ top centre, and wings out the sides. I'm so looking forward to seeing it bloom this summer!

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  1. IOTM has taken flight - nice, and texture in the runner up is wonderful. Cheers, Sean


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