Monday, November 21, 2022


In the go big or go home department, I've always liked the big wall murals. There have been more and more of them showing up in Calgary. They are an interesting photographic challenge. The biggest problem is the clutter between you and the mural; cars, people, railings, and those planter boxes in parking lots built to keep people from parking like idiots. I've nothing against those things in general, but it's annoying in the particular between me and a subject. Then there's the problem of getting the right distance from it for the lens you have available. Light and shadow can play a role for good or bad. Much of the time you're looking up, which can distort the image. Sometimes the only place to stand for the photo is in a parking spot, or to risk your life standing on the street. Which explains why I like to go with a buddy for these sort of expeditions. It's good to have someone else to keep an eye out.

In the event, Kelly and I met up at the under construction Stampede LRT station, and we wandered around the east end of the Beltline for a while. I was in a film mood, and only brought the Canon 7. This has a 50mm lens, which puts a cramp on the distance issue. We had a wonderful time strolling along. I'm really pleased with how the images turned out.







7. As a bonus you get this piece of art work. I was working hard trying to get the whole ball in the image, in focus, and hoping to get a nice gradation of tones from the bright side of the sphere to the shadowed side.

I don't know who the artists are for these, and would love to credit them. In most cases, all you're seeing is a portion of the whole work. (Remember what I said about a 50mm lens?) Michelle was kind enough to send along a link to the BUMP festival website, where you can find out the artist info. 

Of the Day



River Reflections


Fox was a bit twitchy about us.


This is the last of the Tombstone 6x9 photos. However, I just got back 3 rolls of 35 mm film, and some of those will start showing up here. There's lots more digital Tombstone photos to come.

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