Wednesday, September 2, 2020

August Image of the Month

 There was lots of choice again this month. I spent several days in Fish Creek hunting dragonflies on the wing, and was really pleased at the results, if tired of holding a camera and big lens up for a long time, while playing with manual focus, and trying to tracking them as they darted about. Not going to get into my frustrating struggle with Blogger software. They are trying to update us to a new interface. It's ugly in a cartoony sort of way, and it is a fundamental failure because you can't add images. How that ever got out of the first round of testing I'll never know.

Second Runner Up
The dahlias have loved the hot summer, and when combined with Curtis, how can I go wrong?

First Runner Up
You knew one of them would show up here. What you probably don't see in this photo is a tiny streak of a bug just in front of the dragonfly, trying to escape becoming lunch. It probably didn't.

Image of the Month
The best of the attempts at a photographic painting.

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