Thursday, September 24, 2020

A peony in pink, part 1

You've been seeing the white peony on a regular basis, and know there's a red one that shows up every now and then. It's just as pretty, and has a wonderful scent, but that red is really hard to photograph. At least hard for me to photograph. Sort of like Celina, she is a really pretty kitty, but somehow not as photogenic as Curtis.

But there are several other peonies that have some pink in them. So that's what you get today, in no particular order. These are mostly the new peonies beside the house, getting morning sun.

Now that I look at it, this might actually be the red one, with me playing with colour balance and stuff. 

And stay tuned for part two, mostly featuring the big pink peony in the back patio.

Of the Day
I've been trying to get a photo of these little guys in the basket for a while, but have had my difficulties. Linda says they're biddens. Which sounds like a derogatory term used by staff at auction sales to describe people afraid to bid.

White peony


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