Sunday, November 26, 2017

The beginning of the Fish Creek photo deluge

Today I was down near the Fish Creek Learning Centre, or Shannon Terrace, whatever you want to call it. The first thing I found was the typical flood just near the washrooms. Of course I had to shoot it as a reflection shot.

These are near bridge 2. I was strolling around trying out some new camera equipment by shooting scenes I was pretty familiar with. I'm really pleased so far!

Reflection shots are fun, though during the summer it's tough because the slightest breeze will create ripples. Warm weather in winter is a different story, and we get a lot of it. You can get a skim of water so thin the wind doesn't really catch it, and it makes a lovely mirror. I didn't even think about walking on the ice.

The related problem of course, is the risk of slipping on patches of ice on land. I had a bit of a teeter tooter moment once when I stepped on what I thought was soil, and it was a layer of mud on ice. Even the pavement was covered is a frozen skim of ice as I was heading back, and I watched one guy go for a bit of a ride.

There's a bunch of other photos that will show up on the blog, and I'm going for a walk (with traction aides!) in Fish Creek with a buddy on Tuesday, so I'm suspecting the whole week will be full of Fish Creek. I'll try to make them interesting for you.

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