Saturday, November 25, 2017

Sunrises and exciting

Friday started off with some nice sunrise shots. Some of you may have seen them on Facebook. It was another day in retirement, turning down a contract offer that didn't appeal to me, puttering about tidying my desk, Linda working on her seasonal floral displays. There will be photos of them when complete.

Then two unrelated things happened, a phone call and a registered letter. The phone call was sad but not completely unexpected news from Linda's side of the family. She has to sort out a plane trip to visit relatives. The letter was for me. I can't remember the last time I got a registered letter, and my heart went pitter patter a bit when I saw who it was from. Then it went pitter patter A LOT when I saw what was in it. A completely unexpected surprise. A good one. Really good.

Sunrise today was just as nice, so I left that cup of coffee to cool, and zoomed out.

These three are from this morning, in time order. I liked that long narrow cloud and was hoping it would really catch the light, but it didn't.

It's smart to remember to look around during sunrise and sunset. The show in the other direction is sometimes better. This isn't as flashy, but I really liked the blues and the sense of depth.

This one is from Friday morning.

Soon I'm off to shoot another race. Lets see how that goes!

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