Monday, November 27, 2017

More Fish Creek and displays

The title says it all, here's some more of the Fish Creek photos from the weekend, and the displays Linda has done for this year.

 Did you see the Fish Creek shots from yesterday's blog? One of them is in the running for Image of the Month.

 I found a little maze in the middle of the creek. I always wonder what sort of art I'll find, and I'm seldom disappointed.

Plus a mellow (in comparison) sunrise.

Now the display shots. She was working on these right up to the last minute, almost.

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  1. I like photos 3 and 5. Five is similar in feel to a photo I have in mind for just east of here. Photo 3 is well constructed. Photos 2 and 4 pose 2 classic questions. What is photographic, and is colour always the best form? Cheers


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