Wednesday, November 1, 2017

October Image of the Month

Ok, I admit it, I struggled with this one. The choices from this month had a bit of everything I like, skyline, sunsets, sunrises, cloudscapes, flowers, reflections, landscapes, macros, and some combinations. Some are panorama, HDR, and even a black and white. I did some experiments with depth of field that turned out well. All in all a fun month.

But my rules are, there can be only one. How to choose? Decisions, decisions.

First runner up. Even dying blooms can have great colour and texture. Plus I like the matched curves.

Second runner up. I'm a sucker for wide sweeping vistas with dramatic skies. There's lots of room here for your eye to wander around in and get lost. This is 19,317 x 5,914 px, and thus would print out in exquisite detail at 64" x 20".

And the winner! We've had some spectacular sunrise and sunsets lately, but this one is my favourite. Once I got the 8 shots merged together and the borders fixed, it didn't need much tweaking. It's 14,978 x 5,963 px, and thus would print out in exquisite detail at 50" x 20". You could bump it to 5 feet by 2 feet and not notice the difference in image quality.

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