Friday, April 3, 2015

Running with the humans, starring Celina the Spotted

We don't let the cats into the bedroom. There are too many nicknacks they could push off and wake us up. Plus we used to have a cat that liked to steal my socks, and that made a big impression on me.

Now we have a cat, one in particular, who has a beautiful spotted pelt. She loves to steal some objects. We aren't sure if she thinks she is rescuing a relative (one pair of my mittens with a fur cuff) or slaying a dangerous creature (a pair of insoles for Linda's boots).

She also likes to dart through doors. Opening, closing, humans in transit, doesn't matter. Today she simultaneously managed to nearly get stepped on and get her tail caught in a door that was closing on her. We think, that she thinks, that she's getting points for running with the humans, to go somewhere she isn't supposed to be, and not getting stepped on.

She loves to dart into the bedroom as we are on the way in or out. Once in she doesn't do anything but hide under the bed. She's quite easy to shoo out again. If she gets outside she makes it to the top step, then stops to roll on her side and back. Needless to say, we aren't thrilled about the outside thing.

Neither are we thrilled about the garage. For a while that was her trick, to dart past us into the garage as we were getting ready to go to work. In the freezing cold. With an open garage door. Sometimes with the car running already. Oops. There are many dangers in the world, and kitties aren't especially good at dealing with the vehicular ones.

Here she is, give her a big round for dodging human feet.

Here's a before and after pair of photos, involving a huge rack of lamb. Oh so yummy!

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  1. I figured it was the rack of lamb...looked sooooo awesome, even on the BBQ!!

    My three cats have tried from time to time to pull that stunt on me. None so nimble as Celina, however.


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