Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A new thing

I had sort of thought I knew all I needed to know about belts.

There was old fashioned kind, where the tongue goes through a hole in the leather and rests against the frame of the buckle. There are the ones where the big flatish plate has a hook that fits into the holes in the leather belt. The buckle for last year's Calgary Marathon is like that.

Then there is this. Something new to me. Maybe old to you.

The plate has a simple ratchet mechanism that hooks into the little grooves in the back of the belt. I think it's actually a piece of plastic inserted in there, but I'm not sure. What I really like about these is they are much more adjustable, about every quarter inch, instead of an inch like many belts. It's more secure than I thought it would be. I'm liking it so far. Lets see how long it lasts against the expansion of my mighty gut.

In other news I'm over my cold. Yoga class tonight was lovely. Touching toes again is a very reassuring thing. Looking forward to activity again. Maybe an easy run Thursday evening.

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