Sunday, October 19, 2014

Well, that was spectacular

Today was a photo day. The sunrise was amazing. I was out there in my bathrobe getting the first couple shots, then went and dressed. Plus other photos in the morning light. These are all unretouched.

Our neighbor's evergreen tree looked much more brilliant green against a really dark sky. The photo doesn't do it justice.

One of our rose bushes out front.

Guess in the comments what this a picture of. Winner gets a free year's subscription to this blog!

Celina has been complaining that Curtis gets more photos in the blog, so I've been trying to balance things out.

This is after my mid afternoon run. The little sweat pervert is ready to get off on sniffing my sweaty bits.

After all that was a nice book club meeting, then out for a run. Supposedly this is my long slow run for the week, but my pace buddy is off doing a marathon today. I was left to run all by myself, dodging bicyclists galore on the path. This normally means I run faster than I should.

I ran up to the reservoir and back, trying to take it nice and easy. It ended up being 8.3 K in exactly an hour. What was funny is that my legs didn't particularly feel like running. They felt heavy and a bit stiff, but chugged along at a pretty steady pace. Considering I was on the bike yesterday I'm pretty pleased. Here's the RunKeeper graph. The RunMeter one was pooched.


  1. Beatiful photos, we've been having such a great fall this year, I need to get my camera out for a walk before I miss it completely!

    1. Thank you! I've been taking ever so many photos since I started carrying an iphone around. The trick is to stop what I'm doing to do it. Usually I'm on a mission...

  2. Nice fall pictures Keith! I've really been enjoying the colors this fall also. Nice hilly run!

    1. Thank you! The colours have been wonderful, both on the foliage and in the sky.


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