Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Still in shorts, outside, running

Calgary has had a whole lot of snow already this winter, to the tune of a million dead trees. The pruning and removing branches is still going on, and will be until next year. We've had several nights of frost already.

And you know what I found while running today? Bugs. Swarms of little bugs. Annoying. But that's the only annoying thing about the run. It was a lovely evening, high teens or so with a light breeze. I headed out to run whatever my legs wanted to run. Most of the run was regular deep breathing but no gasping. For those that don't want to squint at the chart, just over 6K, 41:30 minutes, feeling great.

I'm not sure if I'm on a different version of RunMeter now, but this elevation line is much more believable. The app interface has changed a bit, and I'll need to see if there are any new options to play with.

On the way back in I grabbed a couple shots of the garden. There is still some colour there, mainly in a bright blue plant. No idea what it is, though Linda will know. These photos are completely unretouched.

Still domesticating the new phone. The ordinary ring (old phone) is a little tinnier than on the 4, and I'm not sure I've got notifications all worked out. I've got it all set up to work with my ear glasses, so I"m happy about that.

I found the burst mode in photos by accident, and holy cow does it ever capture a lot of photos in a second. I haven't played with the video yet.


  1. Such a lovely garden. That hue of blue (close to violet) is my favourite colour and so is the flower: delphinium. Yeah, where did all the little bugs come from all of a sudden? I thought they got frozen to death.

  2. Glad you're enjoying your runs so much. Wish I could say the same. Your garden is lovely!!

    1. Thank you both! I've struggled with the run too. And the bike. And the swim every now and then. All I can say is give it a bit of rest or dial back a bit, and then keep at it. Lately I haven't been trying to do anything particular for a run. No distance or time goals, no set route. Just run what and where I feel, and try to enjoy being outside while it's still so lovely.

    2. Great idea, Keith. I tried to take a similar approach to my last run and I have to say it felt better. Will keep at it and hope things continue to improve.


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