Sunday, June 22, 2014

What weekends are all about

It's been quite the adventure! A bit of a recap here, lots going on, and you get played out with a great reflection cat picture. What more could you want?

Friday we collapsed in a heap, except for the stroke of lightning about a mile away that blew up a deck in my neighborhood. That was very loud. Otherwise a quiet evening. I got this great double rainbow shot.

I also got a nice photo of a thunderhead from underneath, and snapseeded the heck out of it.

Saturday started with coffee, nice and easy. The very last bit of eavestroughing was done. They couldn't do anything till the fence was installed. Then off to Black Diamond for an art sale in a greenhouse. I found this great sunflower made from an old taxi that I just had to get. I'm not sure if this is where it's going to live for sure, but this is a good starting place.

Then lunch in Black Diamond at a place we've been wanting to try. The food was excellent, but the service was slow, even if it was just after lunch. I sat in the sun much too long, and ended up with a pink head and face.

I love me an old fashioned hardware store, and found one in Okotoks. What we bought there has to be delivered. Stay tuned.

Bison burgers on the BBQ. Awesome! Worked on my novel a bit while Linda reconnoitered plants.

Sunday I was up bright and early for another trail run with these two. You remember them.

We started from South Glenmore park near where the 37 St trail meets up, then left the bike path and ran through some trails Michelle had scoped out. It was beautiful.

Not all is as it seems, though. How many trail runs do you go on where you have to consider the possibility of UXO?

I'm not sure where these duckboards came from, but they made an interesting obstacle.

Looking at a bunch of swampy bit, near where we were planning to turn around anyway. Discussions.

 The obligatory post run shared selfie.

Tending to our social media fans. The things we do for you guys. Or maybe we were just dealing with our GPS stuff.

It was a lovely run, my legs were happy about it. Not too far, just over 4 K, and nice easy pace. The trail was mostly in pretty good shape, only a few puddles.

Then more shopping for us. Linda choosing plants while I guarded the already captured ones.

Then a deal on a patio table, with some adventures getting it home. Our very first ever lunch in the back yard!

Lastly, the promised shot of a cranky Curtis. He's on a bit of a diet these days. The vet gave me the stern eye, and said he's still gaining weight. So we have to be a lot more strict about how much food he's getting. Plus spending much of the weekend outside means he isn't getting the lap time he wants. I think he's made his feelings clear, don't you?

How was your Solstice weekend?


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Love the weather photos, all of them actually. Thanks for the company this morning both of you! :)

    1. Thanks for finding the trail and introducing us to it. In all the time I've lived here, this is only the 2nd or 3rd time I've been off the main bike path. Must do it more! Oh, and I forgot to talk about your organic, gluten-free sunscreen and bug spray.

  2. RUN THROUGH THE MUDDY BOG!! LOL. Splashing through mud is fun...and a given in trail running. :) Love the sunflower!! Glad you had an awesome weekend!

  3. What a great weekend. I'm jealous. Hope we'll have a few like that too before summer's over. Thanks for the smiles!


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