Friday, June 6, 2014

There was brutal rollering, and chocolate

Thursday, ready for the week to end. Downstairs on my mat, rolling and stretching and twisting, searching for that elusive click. Still elusive. Of course, I can't quite tell, but my glute is feeling quite tender. I had most of my body weight balancing with it on a little ball. I suspect there is bruising, but Im afraid to look. It hurt so good.

But my hip is still kind of stiff, off and on. There were minor adjustments to the standing desk, so I'm trying that for a while. So far so good. Plus the intellectual effort of learning a new SQL syntax and starting to use TOAD, while writing a complicated query. This made for a Friday that disappeared in a blur. Along with this week. I'm having a tough time thinking this year is almost half over.

More progress being made on the back yard. We've got water barrels figured out. Tomorrow I'll build a little stand for each of them, and after doing that, play with some tiny patio stones for an obscure purpose. Maybe I'll blog about it.

So far no actual exercise this week other than swimming and water running. I had mused briefly about running tonight, but no. There is a run tentatively scheduled for Sunday.

Life in the lodge, writing, is so hard. Look what showed up.

Raspberries. Pineapple. Chocolate sauce drizzle. The wine was already here.

Last thing. If you were thinking of sneaking in a visit to Calgary before the Stampede madness started for another year, it's starting already. There are painted windows. There are guys wearing sloppy plaid shirts untucked. There are short skirts. Shorter than usual. There were horses in the streets of Calgary today, which distracted me from a meeting with my manager. Actually, I call her my enabler.

There was something else that flashed through my mind while tending chicken on the BBQ this evening, but now it's gone. Maybe it will be back, but I'm going to wrap this up.


  1. Lots more rollering over here, although not enough. Looking forward to the Sunday run...heck, I'm thinking of a little one tomorrow morning solo, just to shake the legs out! On the "trails".

  2. There are BIG belt buckles on the streets of Calgary already too! ;)


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