Sunday, February 2, 2014

Saw the retaste zone warning sign again

That's the first time in a long time. I started an easy spin. This time it went really well, in the groove very quickly. 20 minutes gradual build. 15 minutes somewhere near the top of endurance zone to get the sweat going. Felt good. At the moment, of course, I have no idea where my lactate threshold is, so the training zones left over from last year are just a bit theoretical.

From there I did 4 bursts of almost all out for a minute, with a bit of recovery in between. By the last one I was bathed in sweat and was wishing for a big fan to get some air moving. I wasn't queasy, not quite yet, but I think another interval would have done it. Cool down. An hour on the bike. Stretching. Felt awesome!

From there I had coffee with a buddy, then explored the Okotoks Costco for supplies. It wasn't full at all, though the parking lot was jammed. And get this, I didn't have to wait in line at all. That's a first in several decades of shopping at Costco. It's quite a bit further than the one in South Calgary, but the traffic is so much lighter it's probably about the same drive time. The only problem is getting used to where they put stuff. I never did see a big fan.

Nor did I buy a HD big screen TV. I'm going to have to do more research. There were two that appeared to be identical, and one was $800 more expensive, and I don't know why. I worry about this as an impending sign of turning into a geezer. The phone yesterday took much longer to assemble and get working than it should. The batteries in the scale were dead, and I had to read the manual to set it up again when I got fresh batteries. I look at the spec sheet for consumer goods like cameras, or HD TV's and it's blah blah blah, imparting no meaning to me at all. Where does one buy TV's anyway, and a mount to hang it on a wall? Maybe I should ask Mrs Google. She knows all.

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  1. TV-Best Buy
    Do you get Amazon up there in the Great White North? That's the first place I look now for stuff.


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