Saturday, February 8, 2014

RunKeeper compared to Runmeter

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Friday swim was about 1.8 K much earlier than usual. I couldn't believe it. There were 4 floaties in 4 50 m lanes, taking up the whole thing. The one lady got snippy with me when I hopped in and suggested we swim up the rope and down the middle. She had been wobbling along the centre lane marking, trying to take up as much space as possible, and flounced off to another lane when I started anyways. I was wishing the Swim Nazi would show up and set these people straight. I've never had a good swimmer be anything but cooperative about sharing a lane.

Later on 2 guys joined me. They noted I was the only person in the whole pool circle swimming correctly, and didn't want to fuss. We all had a good time and no problem sharing the lane.

Friday night I was down for 45 minutes of easy spin, just hard enough to get a bit of a sweat on, then stretched with some core after. Look very carefully at this photo. There is cat supervision happening. Look just under the jump rope hanging from the ceiling.

Saturday is my 13 K long slow run of the week. I've had Runmeter for a while, and mostly it's been pretty good for me. More options than I'll ever use. But recently it's been really pissy about measuring the distances accurately, and I've never believed the elevations.

My buddy Michelle put the details of one shared run on RunKeeper. To get at it I had to create an account, and later I downloaded the app to see how it compare to what I've got. So here's some screen shots.

Here's the overall view for Runmeter, and a close up of the graph and splits. You have to email the link from your phone to the main computer if you want anything to be a reasonable size, and there's times it's been pissy about that too.

Here's RunKeeper

I certainly prefer the RunKeeper map. The Runmeter one is more oriented to east west runs, and guess what, most of mine are north south, like this one. Yes, you can blow up the Runmeter one, but it's just more playing to get a screen shot.

The elevation on Runmeter seems to have behaved itself this time, and for this length of run the level of detail is about right. The RunKeeper elevation and pace aren't nearly as good and I can't seem to find a way to embiggen them. Runmeter gives a bit more information about the times, showing the actual time for each K, along with an average and fastest pace, which is sometimes nice to know.

In this case, the two apps agreed with each other quite closely. Both give verbal output. One is set for every K, and the other appears to be set for every 5 minutes. However I couldn't really hear them. They were in an inside pocket, and I had a hat on with the hood up. It was pretty cool, maybe -15 C with a bit of a wind. There were minor tusks. I'm not sure why the bigger tusk is on the left side. Maybe the wind has something to do with it.

Sometimes cats stretch themselves out in odd ways. Check how well Curtis blends into the floor, and how he's stretching his back legs. I didn't think cat legs really bent that way. Maybe he was hinting to me I should be stretching more. 

Overall the run went well. I brought along some cookies. It's interesting to nibble frozen cookies while trying not to inhale cookie crumbs. I'm really pleased with how steady my pace was. I just ran nice and easy. The one fast bit was crossing Anderson before the light changed. My feet felt a bit heavy and clumpy throughout, and there were a few minor complaints from my calf, but nothing serious. Overall a really nice run. Hardly anyone out on the path at all.

I'm well into The Silent Wife. The writing is well enough, but it's all exposition. The author is telling us what the characters are doing and thinking. So far, the characters have barely spoken to one another.

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