Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A tickle. I'm nervous

Generally I'm pretty healthy. But the last few days I've been a little more achey than expected, and I woke up this morning with a tiny little tickle in my throat. Eek.

I still went to the pool and swooshed out a 19:30 K nice and easy, thinking about form. Water ran after for another 10 minutes, nice and easy, stretching out. That felt pretty good.

Then I gradually stiffened up over the course of the day at work. I think my office chair hates me. Mostly it's where the quads tuck into the knees, but the hams are a bit cranky too. It doesn't help that the task at hand is massively tedious, and yet tricky.

Took it easy when I got home, then settled into the vibrating chair and let that pummel me for a while. The cats were nervous about it, keeping me entertained skittering around the basement while I bashed out 900 words or so of a new bridging scene. I'm starting to get a grip on some of what's needed. I like writing out the first draft of something.

While doing that I slurped on a nice cup of herbal tea, which seems to have done my throat lots of good. Even with the attraction of watching the first episode of season 3 Sherlock, I'm going to go to bed really soon now.


  1. Must be an Internet cold - I, too, have a scratchy throat and I believe I'm coming down with a cold (you're not the first on line who's complaining of sickness - see, internet thing). Lots of tea, lots of sleep - and, as I've come to realize, 7 days :(

    1. Not sure if it's a cold or the flu or what. Not feeling dreadful, at least not so far. Just headachy and achy in general. And just a nagging hint of gut issues. Off work today. Just in case.


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