Thursday, February 6, 2014


Funny how it goes. Not that long ago, it seemed like a week would take forever. Now, I blink and the week is over. I'm busy at work, and the day just flies by. I'm busy at home attempting marathon training with mixed results. Then there's regular home stuff to do. Those carboys of wine don't make themselves, you know. I've had some feedback on my novel, (thanks guys!) and am eagerly awaiting more. Meanwhile there's another little chunk of it I'm struggling to write, and I'm tweaking some of the wording in the rest of it.

Wed was a big day. Into the pool first thing for a nice swim, with the pool almost entirely to myself. 750 K swim, another 400 m kick and pull, then 5 x 50 on the minute aiming for 50 second seconds. My wonderful massage therapist worked me over in the afternoon. No great big knots, but lots of tightness in my hams and calves. It's still there a bit. Some. Maybe a bit more than some.

I thought yoga after would be nice. My mistake. Oh, the class was good, with this long balance flow I'd have enjoyed in other circumstances. Other than my calves being exhausted from running and getting pummeled. I went straight to bed when I got home.

Today I took as a rest day, even though it's a beautiful day to go for a run after work. Only -13 C and sunny! Sat in my vibrating chair instead and worked on the book a bit and socialized with Curtis. He is very suspicious of the vibrating chair.

So if you were to ask me how the training is going, I'd have to say I don't know. I'm running lots; but nowhere near what the plan calls for. I knew that would be true, and plan to make up some of it with swimming and biking. So far that's coming along reasonably well. I guess the running has come along reasonably well, it's just so hard to tell because it's so cold out and the footing is so bad. Being careful slows me down a bit, and all those layers don't help either.

For those of you eagerly awaiting my Facebook movie, it isn't going to happen. The couple that I've seen have been dreadful.

As some of you know, I love to give advice. I've been known to give advice on many topics. Now I'm looking for advice. It's getting to be time for my next haircut, and I'm seriously considering a buzz. Have you done it? What was the reaction? How much colder (if any) was your head? Any advice for or against?


  1. Free advice, consider the source. Get the buzz. You can grow it out in a couple of months if you don't like it. It's toque time for running now anyway. You can choose the comb attachment length for a "longer" buzz.
    No FB movie for me although the twitter movie was fun. You're welcome. Not much going on over on FB these days.
    Running nowhere near what the plan calls for is also what I have been struggling with the past couple of weeks. Maybe it's just the weather and seasonal blues. We'll kick it soon enough. At least you are doing the spin/swim thing for cross training.

  2. Haha I have never buzzed my hair, but as Michelle said it's just hair and it will grow back :)

  3. The Husband is in constant 'buzz mode' - he loves it. No combing, ever! Of course, because I'm the one who cuts his hair (and I do it with scissors and comb, no mechanical device at all), I would rather see him grow it longer so I'm not having to pull out the gear every 4 - 5 weeks.

    Good job on the cross training - that'll help you greatly when the weather clears and you can be out running more!


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