Sunday, May 6, 2012

So that's what that funny smell was

The GVBP is done. Done. Done. I only had to pull all the junk out a little bit and I could get at what needed to be done. Yay me!

Friday was a 2.5 hr bike on the trainer, with The Sting in the background. I love con-man movies. Warmed up, steady at the top of endurance pace or so, then some short intervals, with a cool down and stretching after.

Then came the hard stuff, working on the yard. We are just downwind from a 7-11, and there are lots of slobs that go in there. We are always picking garbage off our lawn. First time this year to mow it. There are some bushy Thyme plants, pretty sure it's Thyme, that have escaped are are trying to take over. Uprooted some of them and cleaned out beside one of the flower boxes. I quit when I filled up our black garbage bin.

You can see the place I had already cleaned up earlier in the week, starting at the mint plant and working to the right. What I worked on Friday is along the other leg of the flower box.

Saturday, snowy Saturday. Where the bricks are stacked on the flower box is where I had cleaned up. Lots more to go. Once stuff is in the flower boxes I'll get lattice back onto the frame work.

It changed from kind of thick rain to heavy snow in the course of one cup of coffee. My sports medicine Dr. Dale MacDonald was putting on a running seminar at Mount Royal University. I even knew where the class was because it's in the same building as some of my Business Analysis courses. However the parking has changed. The new parkade is built and the lot I was going to part was taken out of operation. So there I was going around the block making left turns, trying to figure out how to get into the parkade. Not a good design.

The seminar was good. Some things I'd already known, but it's always good to be reminded. There was slushy water all built up in the gutters that needed a bit of encouragement to flow. Afterward we had a quiet afternoon and evening reading.

Sunday I finished up the last of the actual vapour barrier taping, and put stuff back. There is still a bit of organizing to be done, but things haven't been this clean and tidy down there for a long time.

Onto the trainer for a ride. Short, intense. Warm up, then spin at transition between endurance and tempo pace. Then short intervals up around FTP, sometimes trying to recover at endurance pace. Cool down and stretched. 1.5 hrs. If I'd waited till later in the afternoon, like about now, it would have been an almost reasonable temperature for an outside ride.

During my ride I kept getting this funny ammonia smell sometimes. It was a little bit like cat pee, except we don't have a cat these days. During easy bits I was smelling my towel, smelling me, because I was the logical suspect and yes I'm soaking wet from sweat. Except that fresh sweat typically doesn't stink. It turned out to be my cycling gloves. Took a sniff when I was taking them off, and that was it. Golly, sweat into something leather every ride for nearly two years, and it starts to stink. What kind of customer service is that?

I already know the vinegar trick to soak sweaty kit in to take out the stink and do it periodically. But does it work on leather?

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