Monday, May 7, 2012

100 Percent

That's right, after years and YEARS of trying, I finally got my LinkedIn profile to 100%.

I'm not sure what it is that pushed me over the top. What I actually did was add the job I started today at Penn West. Plus a couple other things it prompted me for, and that did it. Oddly enough in previous years going through and filling everything out didn't do it. So maybe I got lucky. Once again I'm downtown during the day most of the time, and available for social activities. My office is just west of the Palliser, on the same side of 9th Ave. There are rumours of a locker room and showers and a bike lockup I have access to. These will have to be checked out.

Ran after work. How could I not? It was so nice out. Limbered up, and ran easy about 5 minutes, then gradually picked up the pace. I don't know what this kind of run is called. I'd run faster and faster with good form till I was at almost race pace, then back off to LSD pace before I started gasping, then as I recovered I'd speed up again. Ran a hair under 8K in 51 minutes, including warmup.

Walked to cool down. Stretched. Drank lots of water. Awesome Greek salad for supper.

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