Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I was in the pool but the pool wasn't in me

Tuesday was so much fun! I joined two buddies at Lazy Loaf and Kettle for brunch. We all worked together at Talisman, and now none of us do. It's central for all of us, and the food is really good. We laughed and chatted for 3 hours. Seriously. It was great to catch up and not feel we had to get back to work.

After that was prepping a floor to paint it. Dusty. First layer came out about as expected. The floor sucked it up pretty good.

This morning I was in the pool, but there was no pool love for me. I wasn't feeling the water and had no strength. Cut it short at half an hour.

Put a second layer of paint on the floor and it looks pretty good. Let's see what The One In Charge says when she gets home.

You know how they always say don't try anything new in a race? That means you have to try new things in training. During the spinathon a couple weeks ago I ran low on electrolyte, and tried some of the Heed Mandarin. It seemed ok, so when I was getting more Nuun (my go to electrolyte) I got a couple packages of Heed to see how it worked out.

I was just getting settled on my bike, having had to re set up the trainer and change the outdoor tire, and was all warmed up. Well, mostly warmed up, and starting to pick up the effort a bit. My right knee was feeling a bit creaky, which had me worried because it was exactly where it was hurting when I had all those crappy rides. Then I took a swig of the Heed, lemon lime flavour. It tasted like Perpetuem, which had nearly made me barf during a ride a few years ago. A minute later I was regretting it, and less than 5 minutes later I was off the bike. My tummy was gurgling and growling and even though I'd made a great offering to the poop fairy not an hour before, I was feeling the urge again. Sort of. Much better to have this happen on a training day, that's for sure.

After showering and tidying up a bit I had a nap, and felt better after it. Not going to be trying the other package of Heed. If anyone local wants it, let me know and we can figure out a way to pass it along. The package.


  1. Remind me to give you the rest of my nuun. I have some left over that I can't use...for similar reasons. lol. Good thing that wasn't a race. Ever try saltstick pills or does the thought of popping pills gross you out?

  2. No, never tried the pills. Not sure what I think of them. Maybe I should try them. During a training ride of course. Normally I can put some salt in my energy drink and that's all good. However there are times when I just want the electrolytes without the calories.


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