Saturday, December 3, 2011

No spin, but

An interesting photo to look at.

Any guesses? Come on, at least give it a try.

Friday afternoon I went to a bar after work. This does not happen very often at all, but one has to do these things for a well-liked office roomie that isn't a roomie anymore. Her work term ended, and my office is a lonelier place at the moment. We went to Bottlescrew Bills, and drank, and ate, and talked, and laughed, and generally had an all round good time. 

I was there till 10, and my rule about knowing when to leave a party worked well. When they start arguing about what shooters to order, it's time to go. One either bails out or stays till the bitter end. I don't know when that was, but I hear one of the party, the one who has a wife and baby currently in a different country, is regretting it somewhat.

Other than being a bit dehydrated, I was fine, consider I'd put away more booze than any other occasion in recent memory. Those in the peanut gallery who have comments about my memory can suppress yourselves. You will not be surprised I slept in.

Oddly enough my legs felt like I'd run a tough 10 K yesterday. They were not happy about walking over for the morning papers. I didn't really feel like getting on my my bike today. Instead, I dressed for success in a ratty old T shirt that I happen to really like, but is well past it's time.

The sign the bears have propped up against the garbage can is "will tango for garbage". I felt sorry for the nice bears, reduced to such a state. I was wearing it because I decided to tackle more of the vapour barrier project. This is certainly a messier and more tedious project than I had anticipated, but it needs to be done. I've only got a few more I can do before I need to start moving stuff away from the walls. Standing on a ladder, reaching overhead, and twisting around to get the caulk gun into the tight places is harder work than it appears to be. 


  1. "Instead, I dressed for success in a ratty old T shirt that I happen to really like, but is well past it's time."...the tee or the dancing?

    I'm guessing that is a pic of your furnace...but I really have no idea. Hope you weren't caught in that short blizzard this evening.

  2. I think it is the furnace as well. I'm glad you explained the T-shirt, because I honestly thought it was some kind of dirty, perverted bear thing...I couldn't tell they were dancing. I just kept seeing paws...LOL!!!!

  3. Hmmm I did not think furnace until I read the above comments, now I really think it's a furnace too. Hilarious shirt. Good rule about when to leave the bar. BTW just curious, what do you consider "sleeping in?"

  4. Definitely the furnace. Since others have already said that, I'll go further and say it's a thermal imaging picture of some type to see where you have heat loss and need to insulate or change things.

  5. The T shirt is one that I wouldn't wear anywhere anymore, just around the house. The dancing is past it's time too, since we haven't been in so long.

    And it is the furnace area. Details a little further down.

  6. Dirty perverted bear thing!!! Julie Julie Julie. As if *I* would have anything to do with anything dirty or perverted. The very thought! lol. It is easier to see the subtle tango dance move they are doing, and doing well too, btw, on the T shirt itself.

  7. The bar rule has served me well over the years. Sleeping in is normally till 7am or so. Today almost felt dirty and perverted, since I slept till 10:30, though there was an hour of blog surfing and such at 6am or so.

  8. Good call Deb! The iPad has a Photo Booth effect called Thermal Camera. But it's nothing of the sort. In that photo there is a hot water pipe and a cold water pipe. They are exactly the same color in the photo, and one is very warm to the touch and one is very cold. When I looked at the wall and an outside window, they were both the same colour. What it actually measures is the amount of light bouncing off the object.

  9. Same with us on the dancing. And even tho Evie loves music....she really does not like to dance at all, which surprises us. She'd rather sing.

    That is one cool app - gonna mention it to Kris.


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