Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Buddy water running

So there I was this morning, wandering into the pool area at Talisman. Some of you know that I'm really, really short sighted. So I peer around, trying not to bump into anyone, or trip over anything, and hope nobody thinks I'm being a perv.

I could see someone water running, and wondered if it was my buddy Katie. Sure enough, before I had to get all squinty-eyed and risk calling out, she yelled out my name. I slipped into the water beside her so as to not splash the 'do, and started running along with her. She'd been at it since shortly after they opened, and had a half hour to go. So I ran with her and we chatted, and chatted and chatted. We hadn't seen each other for a while so there was lots to chat about. Good times! That water running is hard work.

After she left I swam a bit, nice and easy, thinking about my stroke. Then I went to work. It takes about 25 minutes, no rushing, to get from the pool, shower, shave, dry off, dress, walk to the car, drive to work, park, and walk into my office. That's a good number to know. Then I can eat breakfast.

This evening was yoga and I clicked my back in a wonderful way after doing some pigeon pose. Things are in that odd sort of feeling as they get used to being normal again.

Shopping is all done, which is a record for being early for me. I'm sort of missing the last minute rush. Maybe I'll go get some stocking stuffers or something. I'm sure I can hear an LCD TV calling me. Or maybe it's the cookies.


  1. I think talking with a friend is the only way I could do water running. It's always nice to run with friends!

  2. The time went really quick. For a while last year I was doing laps around the dive tank. Oddly enough, the most irritating thing about it is the hair on my arms being waved back and forth.


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