Saturday, November 5, 2011

This. That. Resonance. Sympathetic vibrations.

Several photos for your enjoyment, one of them the problem (this) and one being the solution (that). I thought I'd let you guys decide which is which in the comments. On the way home Friday we stopped by the Superstore to buy the only things we buy there. Dark chocolate chunks, and hazelnuts. So here's all the photos from the last couple days.

The morning started well, not rushing the get out of bed thing. I slept in till about 7, which is very late for me. From there I was moderately brisk about doing some stretches and getting on the bike. A few Facebook friends noticed and I got a couple nice comments there. Thanks guys!

30 minute warmup, gradually increasing spin speed and effort, and including (gasp) one leg drill.
then 3 sets:
15 minutes at 1.7 to 1.8 watts per goal kg,
10 minutes at 1.8 to 1.9
and 20 minutes at 1.7 or so.
These felt strong, with my breathing easy, heart rate a bit higher than expected, and legs feeling good. Sweating a bucket, as you can see in the one photo. In between was some easy pedal, some standing, and some fast spin. My old bike computer topped out at 199 cadence, and I was sure I was going faster than that, and sure enough, I can! Briefly. Yay me. Finished up with 10 minutes easy spin to cool down and stopped at 2 hours. I thought of going longer, but decided not.

My legs felt a little clunky to start, not sure why. It seemed like the left crank was longer than the right one. I've been noticing that I've got a rough spot right around 120 rpm. The bike shakes a bit and there's something about the resonance that gets the little bit of back fat I have jiggling. It used to be front fat, leg fat, calf fat, arm fat that all jiggled, so there's been some improvement. I spent some time there working to smooth it out. Spent lots of time during the main sets trying to go round and round.

Overall this was a good solid spin session. Stretched a bit after, and walked the scenic route to the 7-11 for the morning papers. I was thinking about going for a run, but will probably do that tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to a massage tomorrow, since JL is back from New Brunswick on a visit!

We had one of those energy audit's done a little while ago. You have to do this to qualify for the rebates. Good thing we'd already planned to replacing the furnace, since that was the single biggest thing we could have done. The furnace is all installed and passed the City inspection on Friday. We're going to be looking at replacing the outside doors next, to get something that looks a little nicer and seals a little better. Anybody have any recent experience with getting doors installed in Calgary? Who did you use?

One of the issues is that the vapour barrier in the basement just sucks, and has since the house was built. Several cats that liked to leap up there didn't help. Paying someone to do this is expensive since it's fussy work. I bought some of the vapour barrier material, and a few other supplies, and got started today. It's a bit more of an adventure than I thought it would be, but there were no injuries. I think I'm going to take it slow and steady, try to get several done every weekend and gradually work my way through them. Some of them are going to be very difficult to get at because of all the crap we have piled up down in the basement.

You can see the first couple that I did. Not as neat as I'd like, but I"ll get better. With any luck the ones visible to anyone going downstairs will be much better. Not that any one will look at that, when there is wine and books to be looked at.

So, which photo is the problem, and which is the solution?

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