Friday, November 18, 2011

First tusk pic of the winter

Here's the weather page when I started my run.

I would have thought it a bit warmer than that, but ended up dressing just about right, or maybe slightly on the warm side. There was just a skiff of snow on the ground, not even 1 cm. Very little wind.

I had a nice run, going one hour, covering 8.85 K. Started really easy, took about 15 minutes to warm up, ran 2 parts quite a bit quicker, really working on turnover and trying to stretch out my stride a bit. Ran the last bit easy to cool down a little. It was a super nice night for a run, just as the sun was setting.

Cool down is tricky at these temperatures. This isn't particularly cold, but when you're wet and it's dry out, it's easy to get a chill. Stretched afterward, and did the feet in the air thing for quite a while.

Linda had made a wonderful lamb stew, with yams in it. (Control yourself Julie!) That and a glass of wine, followed by some cookies were a great post run meal.

This was the first cool/brisk run of the winter, and I hope it's the first of many more. Oh, and I almost forgot. Here's the obligatory tusk picture. I've had better.


  1. Nice tusk! The closest I could get on my run was some frozen eyelashes...all 3 of them per eye coz that's probably all I have - LOL!! A post is in the works.

  2. Never had frozen eyelashes, that would be interesting. Maybe my glasses keep just enough heat in.

  3. I didn't know what tusk was. not your most attractive photo you big silly.

  4. Usually after running in the cold I have a big pair of walrus tusks of ice hanging off the 'mo. There was actually a huge chunk of ice, but it was sort of buried in the depths, not hanging down.

  5. haha! I took a picture of Harley's tusks today!

  6. The icy tusks are awesome!

  7. Love the tusk shots! I can't believe it's that cold there already. Have you ever tried Gluwein? It's hot, spiced, german wine. Buy some immediately. It's a winter essential.


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