Tuesday, November 8, 2011

First run in the dark in a long time

Except it wasn't really dark at all. There's a nearly full moon in a cloudless sky. But I still dug out my reflective vest, and wore a white toque. I was trying to think of the last time I ran in the dark. It might have been March 2010, but was probably January 2009. I've missed it. Running in the moonlight is peaceful and calming. It's quiet. There aren't many people around, and fewer dogs. It's all good.

The only other runner I saw had a headlamp, but was dressed completely in black. I think they're missing a bet. I'd far rather have other people able to see me from lots of reflective stuff, than rely on one little light.

Plus it was nice and warm, right on 0 C. (I hope I don't have to tell anyone that's 32 F.) I started easy, trying to convince my lungs to open up and breathe. My back is kind of cranky today; I've been hunching over at work, which I do when I'm really concentrating on stuff. Crunch time is coming.

Once I got going, the going got good. I ran down into Fish Creek, where it really came together from the bottom of the 37 St hill, to the bottom of the 24 St hill. That felt smooth and effortless, breathing well, and it seemed like I was running really fast. It ended up averaging 7 minute per K pace, which seems about right.

The point was to run easy and get the creakies out, so mission accomplished.


  1. I LOVE RUNNIG AT NIGHT! With headlamp, of course. I go faster, I think.

  2. I still need to invest in more reflective gear so I have done very little at night. But I agree that dressing in black seems unwise. Sounds like a great run. Way to go!

  3. TBR, if you ran slower, and ran here, we could do wine after the run. Otherwise you'd have to wait till I got back.

    TMOE, MEC usually has good deals on reflective stuff.

  4. You might run into Darryl out there in the dark! :)

  5. I've run into Darryl during workouts a couple of times. But not that run.


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