Saturday, April 24, 2010


Friday swim was early. The pool opens at 5:30 and I was in the water at 5:35 for an hour and 5 minutes, plus some stretching at the end. The first main set was 800 m alternating easy and hard, 25, 50, 75, 100, 75, 50, 25. Then the whole thing over again, this time with fins. That turned out to be 2 minutes faster. It was fun watching the girl in the next lane trying to keep up. She normally swims a bit quicker than me, even if I'm pushing it. During the easy fin sets she wasn't dropping behind very fast. At the end she said she loved chasing faster people, even if they are wearing fins, as it makes her think about her stroke and try a little harder. I was sharing the lane with a guy I met at swim camp last year. Then another guy joined us. As long as it was the two of us I could pass whenever I liked, but it got a bit tricky with 3.

My knee is still giving me what for on Friday evening, and I was beat, so I went to bed early. Like 8am.

I'm counting today's half hour brisk walk through Costco dodging cart wielding geezers as a workout. Picked up a big box of Clif's bars at $3 off, which works out to $11.99 for 18 bars, or 66 cents per bar. Way cheaper than MEC at $1.40 last time I looked. MEC has wider flavour choice, though.

Here's what I spent most of the time looking at this winter, sitting on Estela.

Here's the next most popular view of the basement.

Lastly, here's the view outside at 5pm today.

My knee is gradually feeling better. I'd been hoping for a ride outside tomorrow, but what with the snow, and this forecast, I think I'll be on the trainer again. 8 C is 46.4 F.


  1. I have a 14k run in that in the morning... suks.

  2. That's some yucky weather. Hope it clears up and your knee too.

  3. We went from 27 degrees on Thursday to a blizzard today - it all melted pretty quickly though, and the sun's due back tomorrow - hope it is your end too!

    By the way, in bed by 8am Friday - that IS early - hahaha :)

  4. kinda nice here... went to bed myself last night at about 8. 10 hours of sleep - the most in about a year i would guess. :-))

  5. I was almost BLINDED by your second picture. Need. Sunglasses.

  6. Sounds like a great swim but sorry about your knee. We've had crappy weather here lately too. It's supposed to warm up this week and then be crappy again over the weekend. Awesome.

    PS- thanks for the C to F conversion. :)


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