Friday, April 30, 2010


Up 5:15.
Pool 5:30.
Swim. 1 hr . Ugg. Slowest I've swum a timed K in a long time. Water was thick. I felt slow and heavy. Other stuff involving fins and paddles. Still slow. Tried drafting off the other swimmer in the lane, and I couldn't keep up to her for more than a length.

After the swim I found out why I was feeling so heavy. Wish I could have done that before the swim; it would have probably gone better.

Work. Lots of coffee.

A bit of Thursday's core, which all too littered with the words plank and pushups for my liking. It had me spooked yesterday. It had me spooked today. 3 pushups is failure. A minute of plank hurt.

Run. 50 minutes. Ugg. Easy start then harder. Hills. Wind. Heavy feet. Stretch after.

Now 8:12. Finish wine, go to bed.


  1. That just all sounds painful. Except the wine part.

    My training will start again on Monday. Because these types of things should always start on a Monday...

  2. Kelly -- LOL!!

    The poop fairy IS real...and that's all I'm going to say about that! :)

  3. Sounds like you need a sleep in! The tired-ness sucks, but you still got 2 workouts in! Impressive.

  4. Mate, you need a rest! Hope you had a lie in!

    Julie - at first, I thought you were talking about another kind of "poop" - I had to re-read Keith's blog thinking I'd missed something - then I realised, oh THAT kind of poop, not the OTHER kind of poop - hahahahaha!

  5. Define "lots of coffee." Isn't this subjective?


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