Thursday, April 15, 2010


I think Susi left her gerbil behind, and the damn thing came here to live for a while. It has been evicted, and can look elsewhere for someone to give it a hookah pipe. My brain has been in overdrive the last little while, absorbing a ton of stuff for work, finishing off the paper, figuring out schedule options for workouts, and a few other things. With any luck the blizzard, for now, has passed.

Wed swim just over an hour. Lots of drill. No drama. What with errands after work, doing some BBQ, then yoga, there wasn't time to run. BBQ chicken was really good. mmmmm.

Yoga was really good, but it damn near killed me. My shoulders are fine swimming, but everything else kind of hurts. Some of the range of motion stuff, and specific yoga moves for the shoulders had me wincing.

Thurs morning is normally an early day in to work, but I had a downtown appointment for the slippery finger of life, as it's called. With the shortage of GP's here you make an appointment for when they're willing, and you move heaven and earth to make it. I had to book my next years physical now, with the next available appointment mid May 2011!! He waved the geezermeter over me and said there is no taint of geezer on me. In fact, he says my age (which is mumblety) is the only positive factor for a whole bunch of stuff they start looking at now. Everything is good. But I'm still on the list for a colonoscopy sometime when the clinic gets to me.

Plus I had to drop my taxes off to my accountant. Made up for yesterday's missed run with a 15 minute core warmup, and a 45 minute hard water run. My legs are good, and in other circumstances I might have run outside. Plus, leaving my accountant's office building was the high point of my day. She was blonde, very pretty, my height in modest heels, great legs in a really, really short skirt. Like shorter than her finger tips with her arms at her sides. Sigh. There are days I miss working downtown.

Then rather than run outside after work, I met my buddy SD for a beer. Which was really good to catch up with him. So no run or bike or core this evening. Core on beer sounds like a bad idea. But wait! There is a plan. Which is to ride home from work tomorrow afternoon, and maybe run after that. Sat I'll get my Friday swim in, with some core.

For some of my blog buddies getting 20 comments on a blog is a light day. But not for me. Yesterday's hit 20 comments, which is a new all time high. Yay! Just please don't anybody notice that there was actually only 7 people that commented.


  1. Uh ... I can't really compete with what 明偉誠秋 and 水憲妤慧 said ... but ... CONGRATS ON HITTING 20 comments!

    It totally counts, evens when it's only 7 people. You can comment on your own blog and count THAT too. I'm not a stickler.

    Try to get busy, Keef. You made yourself sound lazy in this post.

  2. No, GQH really hasn't lost his mind. There were two earlier comments that don't meet my criteria for blog comments.

    I know, I worry about being lazy. It's one of the first signs of becoming a geezer.

  3. lol....I did notice that. I didn't comment because they already took my favorite lines. Can you belive my husband has never seen that movie?!

    It amazes me how you fit in all your workouts. Yoga - I would love to, but I don't know where to put it. Nicely done.

  4. Good call on the core on beer situation...that could have been nasty! LOL!

    Glad to hear you are taint free! Hee-hee!! And get rid of that DAMN GERBIL right now!!! Don't send him my way, either -- maybe just hold him upside down by the tail and let the wind take him!!

  5. "It's not my fault being the biggest and the strongest. I don't even exercise."

    Sorry, I was on a roll. Returning to our regular programming....

  6. I think I monopolized most of those comments. I'm not even going to apologize.

    I WIN!

  7. I don't know where to start b/c this whole post cracked me up. Start to finish. Now on to make your post before this one hit 21 comments made by 8 people. :)


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