Friday, July 24, 2009

A quiet ride in the country

Today is humid for Calgary, and fairly warm. For some of my readers it would be a deliciously cool and dry day. It was hot enough last night that I didn't sleep well, which tells me I finally caught up on my sleep. This morning was a bit of a slow start, sleeping in a little, and getting some errands done.

At last I put on the tri shorts I won at Canmore and got everything ready for a ride. I didn't want to bite off too much, nor did I want to weenie out. I ended up riding 1:55, at an average pace of 28 Kph, out 22X and down 22. Warmed up, then did 5 min spin between 90 and 100 rpm, then 5 minute tempo, repeat for a while. It's a bit weird spinning that fast up a hill, since I'm going slower than I normally would. Just after I turned around I was passed, and gave chase. For about 20 minutes I was going at race pace or even a bit faster trying to get into his draft, but never made it. Rode a tempo pace the rest of the way home, with just a bit of spinning to keep my legs moving.

2 minute transition, mainly to relieve internal fluid pressures. Then headed around the block. I found my run legs fairly quick, though I didn't get solid on them for about 1.5 K. Ran 2 K in 13 minutes, walked to cool down. Legs felt ok, nothing special. Stretched afterword, especially working on calves and achilles tendon stuff. Somebody once mentioned some kind of stick that is good for getting at tight muscles, any details?

Lastly, a link to some photos from Canmore, courtesy of Jason. You get Cath's story of her day at Canmore, and some photos, mostly of her, which is as it should be.

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  1. it is actually called the Stick! It rocks. We love ours. Nice job not to weenie out (like I did yesterday). I do milk a recovery week, don't I?!


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